About Us

Who we are

We are a society aimed at everyone with an interest in maths at any level. With social and academic motives we organise public lectures delivered by globally renowned external speakers who are leaders in their field, study groups aimed at ensuring you are fully supported with your exams and coursework, as well as a diverse array of social events; including a few trips away in the forthcoming year, social nights out and movie nights.

What we offer

As a society that is highly active, we also have established links with external educational institutions and businesses to maximise the opportunities for our members; career fares, internships and inter-university competitions running alongside renowned employers are just a few of the things that we can offer you as the year progresses.

We also hold our signature event 'Cake and Calculus' on Wednesday's 10:30-11:30 through the Online Student Study Space. Cake and Calculus is a great place to ask any questions you have about maths, it is a warm and friendly atmosphere full of students and on occasion your lecturers. We are sure somebody will be able to help you out with whatever you need be it curriculum based or your own interests.

A full list of our events will soon be added to our website. In the mean time you can find further details on facebook and twitter.

Meeting Times

Each week we hold our committee meetings which are open to all members, The times of these meetings can be found by contacting the society directly.